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Most of our plastic glasses & plastic cups are made in America. Plastic Cups, Plastic Wine Glasses, Plastic Martini Glasses, Plastic Shot Glasses, Plastic Tumblers, Acrylic Drinkware & More.

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FDA approved plastic cups, plastic glasses, plastic wine glasses, plastic martini glasses, plastic tumblers, plastic shot glasses and more!,

Most of Our Durable Restaurant Quality Plastic Cups are Made in America - Plastic Glasses - Plastic Tumblers - Plastic Cups, Plastic Shot Glasses are Great for Home or Commercial Use Made in America 

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Glass Breakage is gone forever - with plastic drinkware and plastic cups you will have reduced replacement costs & high liability that come with glassware.

High Quality Drinking Glasses: Plastic Wine Glasses, Plastic Tumblers, Plastic Glasses, Plastic Cups, Plastic Martini Glasses 

Buy pool safe drinking glasses made in America . e-Drinkware's acrylic glasses are truly restaurant quality FDA approved high grade polymer plastic glasses & drinkware.

Our acrylic glasses have an almost indistinguishable look from standard drinking glasses, and our drinkware is safe for commercial dishwashers. Your customers will appreciate how plastic drinkware greatly reduces condensation and provides superior insulating qualities. Our acrylic glasses can be frosted just like like glass drinkware.

e-Drinkware drinking glasses:

  • Acrylic glasses and plastic glasses are lighter than glassware and nests for easier handling.
  • Acrylic glasses and plastic glasses are ready to use right from the dishwasher. There's no waiting and no worries about thermal shock breakage from pouring a cold drink into a hot glass.
  • Acrylic drinkware has superior presentation than those flimsy disposables (restaurant quality).
  • Acrylic drinkware are reusable and better for the environment.
  • In general glass drinkware is heavier than plastic drinkware; therefore plastic drinkware is less costly to transport which results in a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Plastic shot glasses in most cases are more affordable and indistinguishable from regular shot glasses. Buy a great looking inexpensive shot glass frrom
  • Most of our plastic drinkware is Made in America

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Quantity discounts on drinking glasses & acrylic drinkware: plastic wine glasses, plastic frosted tumblers, plastic tumblers, plastic shot glasses, plastic beer mugs, plastic tumblers, plastic beer mugs, and plastic drinking glasses for restaurant, food service, hospitality, church or home!


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Fun Facts - Shot Glass

The original  shot glasses did not have stems like wine glasses, mugs or steins. Shot glasses are made of glass or plastic and typically taper outwards with the diameter being greatest at the top of the glass. Shot glasses began about 100 years ago and today many variations of the shot glass are common.  The taller shot glass are technically not shot glasses and are referred to as a shooter (tall tubular shot glass)